1960's cards & Candy

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Gum cards, made by Somportex and issued for the movie Thunderball. Seen here is the original counter display box which holds 72 packets, each packet is either crimp sealed or folded and held with tape. They contain three black & white cards and a stick of gum (don't be tempted to eat it!)


Swell rack pack of James Bond Trading cards. This is a hard piece to get and there are many faked up sets. There is a colour header card which is stapled to a bag, in the bag are 6 cellophane sealed packs each containing 6 cards giving a total of 36 cards.

Beware packs that just have loose cards inside. The header card is relatively common as are single cards and it would be worthwhile for a faker to put 36 used cards in a bag with a header, it could be done for around $75 and the retail might be $200+. the sealed cellophane packs are extremely rare and sell for up to $100 each yet an original set like the one pictured and described here might sell for $400 so originals may be broken down for profit, strange situation!!