Rifles & Machine Guns

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Battery operated rifle by TADA, made in Japan, issued for Thunderball. Nice big rifle which has machine gun sound and the muzzle flashes red. Has a pistol built into the  front grip which fires missiles (two supplied). 


Exactly the same as the Jolly Seven Rifle, made by TADA but licensed and sold through Lone Star, issued for Thunderball. This version does not come with the secret agent wallet.



Made for Thunderball by TADA, licensed and issued by Lone Star. Looks more like a G-Man American machine gun than a Bond weapon. Battery operated machine gun sound and fold down shoulder stock, this is the largest of the Japanese machine guns.


Made for Thunderball by Atom. This is a multi function toy. Main toy is a friction machine gun (not battery operated). A cap grenade is also part of the arsenal and caps are included.

Lone Star Tommy Buster

Seen above is the Tommy Buster rifle with the UK box lid top and the Tada box lid underneath

Probably some of the most spectacular guns produced on the back of the Bond films. Unusual as none of them represents a gun seen in any Bond film!

All are made in Japan and apart from the Multi-buster and Tommy Buster all are Battery operated. The Multi Buster is made by Atom, all teh other sare manufactured by Tada. Multi-Buster and Jolly Seven are the only guns here not marketed by Lone Star.


Part of Spanish Coibel 007 range. This is metal compressed air rifle, its huge!. For scale there is a 50p coin by the trigger