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These points are pertinent to other internet based auction sites

It is very easy to get carried away when looking at any items on internet auction sites. Pull yourself together and take a balanced view before taking the plunge. Before going any where near bidding make sure that you have read the description carefully, if there is a picture then ensure that it shows you enough of the item, if not then email the seller to send you more photos. If there is no image of the item then make sure that the description give you enough information about the completeness and condition, if it does not then again email the seller. It is important to remember that the seller may not know fully about the item and this is where your homework and knowledge can help avoid disasters and sometimes bag you a bargain.

Make sure that you spot items early enough to find out the information you need and to email the buyer.


Don't let your heart rule your head unless you are sure, if you are not then my tip is walk away and battle another day.

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Q. The price is in dollars but I am in another country
A. Use the correct Ebay for your country and the price will roughly be shown in your currency (this is a mid price and the actual can differ by up to 8%)


Q. I want to email a seller but the auction site wants a username and password
A. Register and this will enable you to buy and sell. It only takes a few minutes and gives both the buyer and seller protection


Q. Am I protected if I buy from Ebay
A. Yes but make sure that you read the relevant information given in the user section as the cover is limited.
Q. I saw an item go fro a huge amount of money, I have one and is mine worth that?
A. Everything has a value and a value is based on what someone is prepared to pay. Lots of things sell for more than they are worth and this can be for many reasons. Many times items sell for a lot less than they are worth. see tips & tactics for possible reasons

Ebay is a great buying source. From your own home or indeed wherever there is access to a computer you can view and bid on all manner of items. From collectables to kitchen utensils to motor vehicles.

Not all is plain sailing and you need to take care. Please read my tips & tactics page as Ebay is just another buying forum and the standard rules apply, don't let common sense go out of the window. Ebay is an auction system and do not themselves sell items. Each individual item (and there are millions sold each day) is owned by Ebay users and they are responsible for descriptions and all transactions after the sale has ended.

Using Ebay - CLICK HERE TO SEARCH THE WORLD FOR GREAT TOYS Click here to buy and sell!

Take your time and experiment, look around and see what is there, how often items turn up and what sort of price they go for. When you are ready to buy or sell on Ebay you will need to register yourself as a user. This will open up lots of options for you and make purchasing a better experience. Very important to read all the information sections. There is cover against fraud, a feedback system to build up a users status on Ebay, a chatroom and loads more!

you can change the search in the box at the top of the page and press "search"

narrow the search down by adding more words eg. "james bond books ian fleming pan" - this should bring up only pan printed james bond books, be aware that other stuff comes up, this is due to words meaning different things in different subjects