Spy Corgi Die Cast

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Corgi Spy Who Loved Me Toys

Great area to collect here as there is so much to go at, everything is attractive and most things are not too expensive. First launched in 1977 the 269 Lotus is an impressive piece, nicely packaged in a film strip decorated box. Two main variations are to do with the 007 logo. the second O either does  or does not have a Russian Hammer & Sickle printed within, this is also true of the Juniors packaging. Many minor variations include the word New on the window front, the Corgi logo in upper or lower case, instructions within the box or printed on the bottom etc. etc. Car variations are limited to the size of the periscope button which although is said to have been reduced for subsequent releases both variations are found in all boxes. I did see once a clear windowed version which may have been pre production

Corgi Junior range is a collectors dream as far as packaging and vehicle variations are concerned. Lotus car is available in either underwater or road going version. Stromberg Helicopter has either yellow or red plastic parts. Jaws van has three types of sticker variation and two colours of paint. Many packaging variations and styles to go at. 


Below are two versions of Corgis popular junior toy from the film "The Spy Who Loved Me".  The road going car upon very close inspection has proved to be a fake!

Subtle card variation here without the word junior and adding James Bond


Reeves International Gift Set, did not include just Bond vehicles but I have adjusted to improve the sets appearance. JAWS van seen here in all three versions. In the 3082 giftset the van has either a silver or white painted van. The silver van has a shiny printed paper label and the white van the label is matt printed. In the Spy Who Loved Me giftset the van has a label printed on vinyl and this is transparent .