Corgi Astons

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Every boys dream in 1965. Your own Aston Martin equipped with Q's gadgets. Fuelled by newspaper articles this really was a marketing coup. Corgi sold millions in the sixties and they still sell well today.
 Here are most of the main packaging variations, I have not included gift sets or two packs other than the Special Value set. No attention has been paid to niche collecting market  tyre variations or the current trend for collecting stickers or repackages by third party companies. Check out the second Goldeneye Aston by Corgi, this is a 1997 reissue with number 04301, I have no idea why they did this and any info would be appreciated.


Nick Bennetts

Here are a few variations on the husky Aston Martin. No.s 1001 were U.K cars. 1401 for the European Market and 1201 for the U.S. market. Either red or brown interiors with matching ejector passenger. The ones with diecast wheels are officially EXTRA versions and these were sold at a higher price although as can be seen top left these made there way onto regular cards.

Last of the UK Corgi 007 models, seen here in James Bond and lost licence Aston Martin boxes

Another example of Corgis losing the 007 licence resulted in the blacking out of any James Bond reference, usually appearing in earlier box designs is this very rare beige or white interior.

Very hard to find 04303 less common than the badged Collect 99 stickered version