Danbury Mint

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1984 Danbury Mint Silver Plated Aston Martin DB5

Launched on the hype of the Timothy Dalton movies this is a nice model, made of pewter and silver plated, very nice lines and has the feature of an opening roof. Originally came with poor copies of the original blueprints for the car - much better images available elsewhere. Quite early  for a Bond piece aimed solely at the collectors market. Priced at about $120 they did not sell well and because of that collectors have a hard job tracking them down.

Launched in about 1997 this is Danbury Mints second Aston Martin DB5. No Bond collection should be without one, probably the closest to hand built quality you can get. Nice lines and loads of working features. Some odd scales, large aerial, seat hinges and wire wheel spinners but overall super sonic item.

As a strange afterthought they released this model in gold plate, this does nothing to enhance the model and is only for the die hard Aston fan who must have everything