Gilbert Accessories

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Gilberts range of doll accessories

I often wonder how many kids actually played hard and long with their Bond doll. Not only are they pretty boring but the clothes and accessories are hard to get on the doll. Seen here are the complete set of accessories that were generally available. There is mention of others in early Sears catalogs and the dinner suit below is one of those. Interesting to note that I have never seen a dinner suit in a frame box. I have also come to believe that the suits above were also so through the Sears catalog and may have been delivered without frame boxes.

The loose outfit on the right came with the first version of the Gilbert James Bond doll, which was only available through the 1965 Sears catalog. There are a pair of shoes, one of which has a spring loaded knife, suitcase with gun (later available on an action toy card), a blue striped business suit, white shirt, tie and brown socks.