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On the left is the regular doll and on the  right is the small head doll


The start of many a James Bond collection. Introduced in 1965 in the Sears Christmas Wish book this is one of the most popular items in any 007 collection. Not quite as simple as getting one though as there are many variants.

1st version is boxed doll sold only through Sears, I have a copy of the box but as I have never seen a real one I cannot be certain that it is authentic, I do have most of the outfit and this can be seen on the doll accessories page.

Seen above are three versions of the regular boxed doll, the box lid is shown on the right. Two completely different body styles and heads are available, one manufactured by IDEAL and the other by GILBERT, both were sold as GILBERT items. All had shorts 


red with white stripe - made in Hong Kong


blue with white stripe - made in Japan


Blue with orange stripe - made in Japan

All had T shirts


Two piece material made in Hong Kong


version with separate material sleeves - made in Japan

All had Snorkel, Mask with plastic glass, flippers. These were always made in plastic in either red, orange or black. I have seen green accessories but somehow they don't look right. These accessories were common to lots of cheap 1960's dolls.

All had a metal gun and clip holder, either in a plastic or paper envelope, early versions had a note either separate or typed onto the instruction sheet explaining how to use this.


Doll on the right of the picture above is an effort probably to clear stock, he has a  Japan outfit with Tuxedo shoes and a spare Moon McDare outfit in the bag.



Well once you have an James Bond then you definitely need an Odd Job!

Launched again in 1965 this version has rumors of a Sears only special but I have never seen this either.

1st Version here is the black Box at the top. Doll has wide legs stance and one karate chopping arm and one hat throwing arm. Outfit consists of a two piece wrap with sewn in yellow neckpiece and black belt. He has tight knee length brown pants. Head band wraps once round the head and is finished off wit ha plastic bowler, this last item he can throw.


2nd version is the Red box. Doll has legs nearer together. His arms perform the same function as the above doll. Outfit is a karate jacket with sewn in diamond pattern and black belt, pants are white with elasticated waist and cover all the legs. Headband wraps twice around head and he has the same plastic bowler