Mego Dolls

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Launched in 1978 these dolls are highly sought after today. Its hard to believe that they are over twenty years old! 

The whole range consists of five dolls and all are shown here. Four were to be launched, Bond, Holly, Drax and Jaws. See below for what actually happened.

Here are two different Commander James Bond dolls. On the right is the regular figure which came in a spacesuit with armbands and boots.

On the left is the Cepi Rati version only produced in Italy. This version is quite spectacular as he come with the contents of the above doll and also a helmet with drop down visor, gun, belt, front pack, large backpack with gas pipes and control handles (for space maneuvering). Lucky  old Italy!



The boxes can damage quite easily, due to most sides having dark print, if they get creased or torn the light card shows through.



Holly and Drax seen here in Cepi Rati boxes (Italian market Mego) Both dolls are basically dressed and include no accessories.

Drax has a coat and pants with white (!) boots.

Holly has a dress with cord belt and boots.

Notice the face of Drax, all these dolls suffer from face discolouration, this is a common Mego problem, faces turn from pink to grey over time.

Collecting these dolls. One of the main problems is the faces which do discolour, I have never let this worry me . I once paid highly for a pink faced doll which has slowly turned grey whilst in my ownership!
JAWS, originally intended for the world market this figure was eventually only released in Italy. Same height figure as the others but with a much wider body. Comes with a shirt, pants and brown boots. Has the added feature of a magnetic strip in his mouth


Watch for incorrect clothing on loose dolls. the JAWS figure was available in other countries in period discount stores and as such turns up loose, usually naked. Very common to find him with GI Joe or Action Man boots.
Knees, these are a common problem as the knee joint is held with a plastic pin. This snaps very easily over time as there is constant pressure at this point. It is not unheard of to find a sealed boxed doll with looses lower limbs due to this pin. It is easily replaced with a metal bolt and washers.