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This is where it all started way back in 1953 with the publishing of "Casino Royale" by Ian Fleming, the very first James Bond novel. A common mistake people make is to assume that "Casino Royale" was the first film but not so. Dr. NO was the first Bond movie and the 8th novel, Casino didn't arrive until 5 years later!

First published in Britain by Jonathon Cape the novels were soon published in other countries, especially America where Bond really took off.


First Editions, this area can refer to both hardback and paperbacks (note that paperbacks are always printed sometime after a hardback release)

Hardbacks, Over the years many hardbacks have been printed and all are considered collectable in their own right, first editions usually command the highest money but don't ignore subsequent editions as these are a much cheaper way of building up an impressive Fleming library. Value and money are not everything, owning a first edition is nice but don't forget why you are collecting, its the content and maybe artwork that are important too! With hardbacks there is usually a Dustjacket (often abbreviated to D/J) These are important and should be in good condition if a high price is being asked. It is interesting to note that the dustjacket can be up to 80% of the price of a book. Due to the high desirability of dustjackets fakes are around and it is a common problem of a later dustjacket on an early novel.

Paperbacks, Paperbacks were and are printed by the many thousand. Any trip to a local boot sale, charity shop or second hand shop should usually net a few books. The early paperbacks are desirable for their beautiful artwork covers (known as Pulp Thrillers)

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Gold Plated Royal typewriter as used by Ian Fleming to write many parts of the James Bond novels. A special edition this cost $174 when new  in the late 1940's early 1950's. Scarce then as few could afford, interesting that Fleming would buy one of these, it is certainly the "Rolls Royce" of typewriters but the 24kt plating is surely Gilding the Lily.