Bond Games

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Triang 007 Underwater Game

Spectacular and definately the most impressive Bond game ever produced. Set includes Bond and eight orange frogmen. Six sharks, Largo and eight black frogmen, bomb sled, 25 stands and two dice, one extremely large and heavy board and the  instructions are on the reverse of the box lid.


Seen here is a line of orange frogmen with Bond. He is a different figure to the rest, hand painted and with a jet propulsion pack on his airtanks, note the very delicate harpoon guns they all carry

In the background is Largo with tow buggy and black "Henchmen" frogmen.

In the foreground is an unusual figure. I once bought a bag of loose frogmen pieces for the game and this figure was included. It matches perfectly the figure on the box artwork.

I have never played this game and after reading the instructions it looks very boring! Main problems are with the box as the board is a very tight fit and therefore the box bottom is usually split. Box lid split on the corners and edges easily due to flexing over such a large area. Pieces are very brittle and snap easily. Triang actually brought out boxed sets of just replacement figures.

Another game from Triang, this time "You Only Live Twice", unlike the Thunderball game (above) which was designed with care and is a beautiful thing to behold, this game is basic, boring and very ugly inside, poor board with card pieces that do not inspire! Another Italian game On Her Majestys Secret Service, not by Triang but by the same artist responsible for the artwork on the You Only Live Twice game