Other Cars

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Two versions of the GAMA Bond plastic and tin battery operated AND wind up car. One is painted gold and the other is gold plastic. There are other colour variations of white, red, yellow and a rumoured black

Clifford Super Spy Car

Based completely on the Toyota 2000 from YOLT The car is friction drive with opening boot (trunk) and removable luggage ( maybe to throw at the enmy in high speed pursuit!)

Features a femake driver and Bond character passenger with pistol across chest. Box is flimsy but does have a nice picture of Aki opening the door.

Guisval Spanish 001 Secret Agent Car.

Very poor quality but it has all the working feature of bullet shield, machine guns, ejector seat and friction drive

These are about as far as I will go on unlicensed items, they touch on the 007 craze but are not too close for comfort.

Two versions of the same toy. The upper two pictures show the Lincoln Secret Agent Car. This is battery operated and has a great feature that you can set it to run  doing a slalom swerve motion.

The lower car is unbranded made in Hong Kong, it is exactly the same as the Lincoln but friction drive only. Both are actually based on a DB4 MK II, mind you not many people know that James Bond actually drove a pre production DB5 which was a DB4 MK IV.