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This company produced some very nice 007 toys in the 1970's. Seen here are the walkie talkie set and a rare version of the wrist radio which has a built in speaker.

Superb radio, this has got to be a great addition to any Bond collection.

Bond, James Bond Le Parfum

Made in 1997 this range of products includes perfume, body lotion, shampoo and eu de toilette. There is also a mini perfume in the range. Seen here is the posh carrier bag from the range launch

Colgate Toiletries 1966

Soap on a Rope, deodorant and Talc is just part of this range. Items were sold individually and also in gift sets, there were probably around 10 different sets of various combinations. Seen (clockwise from the left) Shipping case of 12 deodorant sticks, shipping case of 6 Pre Electric Shave Lotion, Outer sleeve for two pack gift set, shipping case of 6 Cologne and a two pack giftset of pre and after shave lotion

James Bond Rubber Bands

Unlicensed but uses artwork from "You Only Live Twice". Very unusual attempt to improve the sales of Rubber bands. Box is only about 3 inches square.

Indian Sweet tin - cool graphics

Unbelievably cool briefcase - rifle is the Japanese Multibuster by Atom

Modern Toys excellent plastic and wood Thunderball speedboat