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I am not a big fan of props, these are my reasons. 

1.There is only usually one of each item, if there are more then most are usually poor quality as they only have a small part to play or a very specific

2. You can go to the ultimate degree as to what is described as a prop, basically it seems that anything that is used in a film, be it wardrobe, doors, carpets etc, AND regardless of whether it was actually used CAN BE DESCRIBED AS A PROP - pretty useless huh! Fancy owning the doorknob on the Disco Volante that was always just out of shot.

3. Cant knock some props like Aston DB5 but hey only one person can own , so I dont care, if ever I get a Bond car then I'll change my mind!

4. I like mass produced things, that were of their time, the fun is getting something that should have been worn out by play or thrown away because its use in promoting a film is over.

Here are a few things that I have collected over time and I can guarantee that they have NEVER been in a Bond film

Jaguar Speargun as used by James Bond to make an assasin "See the Point" in Thunderball

Scaramanga's Golden Gun form the "Man With The Golden Gun"

Actually an oversized representation of a pen, lighter, cigarette case and cufflink that screw together to look like a gun. Everything oversized as I should imagine it would look like a girls gun otherwise, Bond would die laughing without a shot being fired

Russian Easter egg by Carl Faberge with Sotheby's brochure as seen in Octopussy

Getting a bit scratched now as I wear it every day but Bond for years wore a Rolex Stainless steel submariner. Mine is a date version for practicality
As sold for thousands of pounds, could this be the one off the real Aston Martin, make your own mind up!

One of the earliest of James Bond gadgets this was used in From Russia With Love, James scanned his hotel bedroom for bugs, both detector and case are clearly seen in the film

Chess set as seen in the pre credit sequence from "The Spy Who Loved Me". 

SD Studios Odd Job hat replica with polished steel rim