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This section is intended for your help and reference. I get a lot of emails from people  requesting details on these items, or asking why I do not have them on the website. Any info on other items will be much appreciated. Sometimes it does not matter if an item is fake, it may be very nice in its own right. What you must avoid is hype over supposed limited editions that do not actually exist.

Watch out for this clever fake

Made to  look as though Corgi released this, even comes with a reworked number and Certificate. the most disturbing thing is the large Corgi logo on the certificate which is trying to make this look like a proper Corgi Issue.

This is a shame as someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make a nice item

DO NOT GET FOOLED BY THIS ONE - someone paid 660 + commission for one of these in Vectis auctions. When looking at items at Vectis and other auction houses ask the right questions.


Lot Number 278 - click here to go back

I have seen the same certificate numbers turn up at auctions, they are poor quality photocopies which look as though they are too crude to actually be fakes, don't be fooled

Lots of people have paid a lot of money for this piece. Sorry to tell you that they are all unlicenced items that someone has made up. They trickle in from France and usually are put into auctions. the Rolls is a repainted standard Solido model and the figures are supplied by Little Lead Soldiers and an order for more of these figures was made very recently



Years ago the rack packs were a way to get rid of the cards, years later these were cut open and the cards taken out to sell as sets or singles, that is why today an original unopened rack pack is quite rare

Be very careful when buying these sets of trading cards. Do not pay highly without the facts to ask the seller questions

The rack pack should be one one of two things. 36 cards in 6 individually sealed cello (cellophane) packs in a bag with the header card or 36 cards in 3  individually sealed cello packs in a bag with header.

the cards and the pack header cards are common. Unopened rack packs are very rare. Fake rack packs are made by getting loose cards together in a slim bag and stapling the header card to it. The cards inside should be sealed in 6's or 12's ad of course should be absolutely MINT. If there is any wear around the staple holes be suspicious. So far these fakes have been coming from Florida

Watch out for leg kicking Gilbert dolls, there is no such thing. It is a fairly simple thing to make and the fake items turn up from time to time. There is a version of the Gilbert Odd job doll instructions that show the kicking doll but it was never produced.

One thing the sellers do is throw a spring into the body and say the action does not work, another is to actually get a spring in place but this is done using the existing legs which are not really strong enough to take the strain

Lot Number 1136 - click here to go back Very nice and good if they are cheap, there is no official version of these. 
Lot Number 249 - click here to go back Again this looks a very nice high quality item, not official though
Lot Number 74 - click here to go back

All the Little Lead Soldiers products are still available, see my sales website. They are still made

this was official  - once!

Still made by the same company and indeed I sell these. 

Lot Number 88 - click here to go back Here are three Octopussy buses sold through a UK auction house between 2001 and 2002 . Notice any differences in them?
Lot Number 1120 - click here to go back Hmm, this one has an underground circle on it!!
Lot Number 626 - click here to go back Notice the slightly different boxes!!


Pocket watches seen on Ebay.


Nice but there is no original or official version, someone has made these up!!