Tin Cars

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Tin car of 1966  - Large cars here and smaller ones scroll down the page

Made under license in Japan this is one of the "must have" pieces in any Bond collection. Very cool battery operated toy. Not rare but very hard to find in mint condition with a mint box,  an original tag is a bonus too. Seen here are the three versions of this toy. There is also a bump & go version but I never liked  it!!

1st version is the official Gilbert toy, made for them by ASC of Japan. After the demise of Gilbert in 1967 the toy was repackaged as the three versions seen below. the top box saw distribution in Europe into the 1970's and the bottom one was mainly marketed in the US. The ASC version with the James Bond 007 marking on the box is actually licenced and possibly marketed in Germany by GAMA. The bases of the toys tell some of the story. 1st base is the full Gilbert version, then the Gilbert and 007 logo is covered by stickers, after that a new pressed base was introduced. Interestingly also the revolving number plate had the 007 blacked out, this can be re-instated by rubbing with lighter fluid.

Smaller friction drive tinplate Aston

Super little toy with friction motor and machine gun sound when pushed. Press the aerial and the bumper and machine guns pop out at the front, press a lever and the roof opens up and a baddy pops out. The final unlicensed versions of the toy came in many variations with oddly coloured headlights and missing all or many of the working features

As far as I can tell the only licensed version is from Gama of Germany, this has 007 on the base, all the others are nice but not official.